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The CLAWS (Community Lifeline for Animal Welfare Services) program was created as a way for KHS to provide pet food for pet owners in our community who are struggling to feed their pets due to financial hardship. This program is meant to supplement their food supply and may not fulfill the dietary needs of your pet(s). 


To qualify for CLAWS, you must live in Kootenai County, receive federal or state financial assistance, or meet the federal poverty income guidelines. We do require a copy of your current driver's license/photo ID, proof of Kootenai County residency, and noted documentation/letter of benefits for the assistance you are receiving.


Currently, CLAWS provides cat and dog food for up to five animals per household. The amount of food supplied will be at KHS' discretion based on the represented weight of the animal(s) and the food that is available. 


Food is limited, therefore applications are reviewed every six months to confirm continued participation in the program.


*The CLAWS program is not to be used to feed strays, foster care animals, outdoor community animals, Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR), or feral colonies. It is also not a program for individual rescuers or rescue groups.


For more information and/or to sign up, please contact KHS' Operations Manager at 208.772.4019.

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