Happy Tails!


I adopted Yoda on Thursday, January 10th of 2019. On Wednesday I began looking for a dog at the humane society for a companion and emotional support after going through a hard time. I looked right over Yoda because when I was younger a Chihuahua bit me. Mary told me to look at him and we immediately bonded. I came in the next day to get him. He LOVES our lake property and even our 3 cats. The best part is how he burrows under the blankets at night! We love our Yoda who is now Yo-Yo!



We adopted Spencer who is Lhasa/Yorkie cross around the 25th of May. He has adjusted to our family very well.  He has from the first been Monte's dog. But he has decided I'm his next best friend. We had been looking for a small dog that could travel with us on the plane plus had raised Lhasas so he was a good choice. We haven't had a problem with most of the things that had been on the list from previous owner. He was a little nervous at first when we'd leave him by himself, but never destroyed things. As he's gotten used to things, he's very excited when we get home, but does pretty good while we're gone.


Since we spend about 10 1/2 months in Mexico, he has become a traveler. We feel the original owners worked with him and also traveled in planes. He knew what the travel kennel was and no barks or whines or problems while traveling. He also has a friendly personality and even made friends with the customs inspector. He won family and friends over in Montana and continues to here.


Thought you would enjoy these pictures. As you can see in the one, he loves to be in someone's lap and often laying on his back. Thank you all for the help in getting a special new friend who was a good fit for us. Penny n Monte

From Amster's (now Buddy) new parents


Dear Staff, 


We have enclosed a donation for food - be it regular or special allergy RX food.


We recently were in on 4/5/16 and adopted "Amster". He had been with you, it appears since December 15 and has allergies, therefore was not adopted. However, because you are a "no-kill" shelter, you still kept him and provided for him. You sent his special food (a very ample supply) home with us. We truely know how expensive that alone can be because we have a cat who has the same issues! Also you gave us his favorite toy - a squeaky toy - which has been a wonderful thing as I would not have known what he preferred for toys.


"Amster", now known as "Buddy" is the most precious, loveable, well-behaved doggie one could ever ask for! We love him and he loves us. We were a "match made in heaven"! "Buddy" had has check-up with our vet the very next day for blood work, feces etc. We are well on our way to controlling all issues. His grooming was two days ago and he is a very happy doggie! Thank you!

"Following the death of our 13 year old pup, we searched all shelters in and around Spokane.  We hit the jackpot with Teddy. Teddy is loyal and mild-tempered.  He has won over our 11 year old cat, loves the grandkids and provides us complete companionship!"

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