12 Days of Christmas

 On the First Day of Christmas . . .

Cougar, a twelve year old Retriever Lab mix, 
came to KHS in February of this year.  Her owner could no longer care for her.  Cougar is a sweet lady, loves to go for short walks, and play with humans. Cougar is not a fan of other animals or children.  At her age, she needs some tender loving care.  These attributes do not make for a short stay at the shelter. So, she has become accustomed to KHS life.  She looks forward to seeing visitors throughout the day, enjoys being outside in the morning hours and lying under the trees, and is always ready for a walk with the volunteers in the afternoon.

Each day we hope for someone who will make Cougar a part of their life.  Each day we reassure her she won't be here for long.  And every day she waits.  The average length of stay for a dog at KHS is only twelve days.  However, Cougar reached her 300th day this month.

Cougar had the opportunity of appearing on TV, visited local businesses to meet potential adopters, has been featured in the newspaper and on our website many times, but to no avail.  So, we continued hoping that she would have a home for the holidays.

Our wish came true less than two weeks ago when a gentleman came to the shelter and met Cougar.  He wanted a companion to be with him all day, he had no other animals or children, and could not bear the thought of her living out the rest of her life in a kennel.
Cougar is home and home she will stay with her new family.
She had a home for Christmas night!
Without the continued support of our community, stories like Cougar's could not become reality.  KHS is so fortunate to have served our homeless animals for almost 40 years and we have taken steps to reach another 40!  The KHS Endowment Fund was established this year to insure the financial support needed to care for the animals will continue for years to come.  If you would like to be a part of those efforts, please click on the link below and pledge your support.



On the Second Day of Christmas . . .

Beauty, a three week old domestic short-hair kitten, arrived at KHS earlier this summer.  She was abandoned by her mother and was left for dead.  A good Samaritan found her and brought her here.  Beauty had no use of her front legs. Pushing herself around with her back legs, we could tell Beauty had a lot of spunk and a willingness to live.  
We knew she could not continue to live her life that way.  So, after lots of medical attention, we turned to a naturopathic remedy.  Within days her front legs began to gain strength. She was improving daily.  After three weeks of constant supervision, and loads of love from staff, Beauty began to walk as best she could.  Her little paws would curl under as she maneuvered around. She was really on the road to recovery.  Feisty and extremely confident, Beauty would playfully bite and scratch her way into your heart.
After a few more weeks she began climbing in her kennel and playing with cat toys - with her front paws! Walking was becoming easier and easier. When she was ready to be adopted it took only a short time to find her perfect forever family.
She is happily playing her way into their hearts.
She is a beauty!
On the Third Day of Christmas . . .

Archie, a ten year old miniature poodle mix, was picked up by Rathdrum Animal Control. He was severely matted and very hungry when he arrived at KHS.  No one ever came to claim him.
Archie spent a few weeks under medical supervision. He had major dental problems and needed special care. However, through it all he just wanted to be held and loved.
After six weeks of gaining back his strength and eating properly, Archie was ready for his debut!  A new hair cut and sporting a yellow 'adopt me' vest, he attended a food drive held by one of our younger supporters.  Lying on the lap of a volunteer, Archie was enjoying his time away from the shelter.  
Then it happened.  A wonderful couple came to the shelter looking for a companion.  It was love at first site!
Archie has been traveling around with his new family and making friends wherever he goes.  He brought so much joy into an independent living center with his light-up Santa suit!  And he LOVES going for rides with his friends in wheelchairs!
No matter what age an animal may be, there is still so much love to share.  We are so privileged to have been a small part of Archie's life.  We know he will continue to share his love for the rest of his life.
On the Fourth Day of Christmas . . .

Zeke, a four month old domestic medium hair kitten, was a stray found by a good Samaritan and brought to KHS.  Weighing just a little over three pounds Zeke was not willing to eat and was not responding to any human interaction.  Upon a medical examination the veterinarian found an object inside his neck.  An exploratory surgery was performed and a sewing needle with thread attached was lodged inside.  The medical team were unable to pull it out.   Exploring further the thread was found throughout the small intestine. The intestine had to be cut open to remove several inches of thread.  The operation was a success.
Within two days of his surgery Zeke was eating, drinking, and purring!  Still not quite well enough to meet his public, Zeke stayed in isolation for another two weeks to recover.
Gaining almost a whole pound in that time, he was a happy kitten and loved to play with his toys and with anyone who would walk by his kennel.
The day finally came for Zeke to be greeted by potential adopters.  One day later, he found the perfect home!  His story of survival was so inspirational, and his personality, heartwarming.  His new family adores him, including the four-legged members!
We are so grateful Zeke persevered and will live out the rest of his life in safety and love. 
On the Fifth Day of Christmas . . .


Teddy is a six year old Retriever Labrador mix who sent us a letter about his new life!
"Hi!  My name is Teddy.  I came to KHS in January from Barstow, California.  I was in a kill shelter down there, and I got flown up here to try and find a new home.  And I did!  I was really nervous and shy and scared at first.  And really skinny.  My ribs were showing!  But my new parents had lots of toys waiting for me at my new home.  I really love my baby squirrel!
"When I left KHS I was 65 pounds.  Now I'm 108.6 pounds!  I'm a big boy.  I love my new mom and dad and they love me.  We are together all the time and they constantly tell me what a good boy I am.  I live in the country and get to run around a lot.
I am loving and funny and I love to chase balls.
"Thank you, KHS, for bringing me up to North Idaho to find a home.  I found my happily-ever-after!"
                                        Love, Teddy
And we are so happy for Teddy and his family. What a wonderful ending to such a devastating beginning.  It is our privilege and our passion to find each animal like Teddy a loving, forever home. 
On the Sixth Day of Christmas . . .


Thunder and Storm are two-year-old buddies
who came to KHS before Thanksgiving.  Their owner passed away in the house in which they both lived.  They were not rescued immediately and had spent some time without food and water.
They were both extremely scared and did not trust anyone when they arrived at KHS.  They were also covered in fleas and feces.  Not eating for the first week, the two had staff worried.
With a little time and a lot of TLC both became comfortable with their surroundings, letting staff and volunteers cuddle them, and having fun with some feathered cat toys.  However, both were still under the weather and their little systems were still recovering from the traumatic experience they had experienced.
A few days before Christmas the pair was well enough to meet people.  Enjoying a visit from anyone who passes by, Thunder and Storm are patiently waiting for that special someone to take them home.  For now, we are keeping them happy and healthy until the pur-fect home can be found.  Is that your home?
On the Seventh Day of Christmas . . .
Buddy is an eight year old Miniature Poodle who came to KHS the day before Christmas Eve.  He lived in a quiet home for several years.  However, recently he became anxious and needed a change.  The staff have been working with Buddy to help him relax and take life easy.  He hasn't been eating well and desperately needed some grooming, especially to help his little system stay regular. 
One of our volunteers groomed Buddy today and he looks and feels great!  A new do is always a good thing!
Finding Buddy a new forever home is top priority for 2017!  He will even be featured on KXLY-TV's Good Morning Northwest Monday morning.  Tune in at 6:00 a.m. Monday for the Pet of the Week sponsored by Kootenai Humane Society.  Buddy will be strutting his stuff with Mark Peterson!
If you have it in your heart to help Buddy patiently grow into his senior years, then stop by the shelter this week.  We will be open for regular hours on Tuesday - noon through 6:00 p.m.
On the Eighth Day of Christmas . . .


Rocky Balboa is a seven year old tabby cat

who was found as a stray and brought to KHS.  He had an injury on his front leg and was not very friendly when he arrived.  Rocky was kept under medical supervision for a few days.  One of our longtime volunteers fell in love with him and wanted to care for him.  She adopted Rocky immediately.  It turned out he had an old wound from a broken leg and had to have it reset.  But as you can see, Rocky has a loving home with a new sibling to keep him company while he recuperated.
Rocky is a beautiful boy who did not want attention or kisses.  He became proficient at swatting at you, too! However, within one month of being in his new home he could not get enough of kisses or attention!
Rocky is so loved and has the best life.  He has settled in nicely.  He even has the audacity to ask for his breakfast at 5:00 a.m. every morning!
We are so happy for Rocky and know he will have a wonderful life for the rest of his life.
On the Ninth Day of Christmas . . .


Gertrude is a ten year old Jack Russell mix whose time was up at the kill shelter were she lived. She was rescued at the last moment and brought to KHS.
When Gertrude arrived she had a severe skin infection, loss of hair, poor eye sight, and hearing issues.  The congestion in her lungs had everyone concerned.  She spent two months under medical supervision and was kept away from other animals while she recuperated. 'Gertie' got to spend a lot of time in staff's offices which she much preferred to a kennel.  And so did we!
Gertrude also had growths that needed to be removed; one from her sternum and another from her ear.  With her constant congestion not clearing up and being up in age, we feared she would be with us for some time.  
Four months went by.  In that time we took Gertrude everywhere.  No one wanted her.  Then it happened.  A wonderful family could not bear to leave her.  She now lives with another dog, has the cutest outfits, and comes to visit us often!  We are so happy for Gertie and her new family.
We believe there is always a perfect someone for every animal. And Gertrude is living proof!
On the Tenth Day of Christmas . . .


Buffy, a very healthy white rabbit was found roaming the streets in Rathdrum.  Her owners could not be found.  No one came to the shelter to claim her. Friendly and sweet, we placed her in a large kennel and hoped someone would want a rabbit for Christmas.  No one did.
Buffy was content but she was getting bigger by the day.  Yes, she was pregnant.  She began showing signs that the little ones would soon be coming so, we moved her to a quiet, secluded spot in the shelter where she could give birth.  On December 15 Buffy became the proud mama of eight! 
She is a good mother and takes care of them quite easily. They get bigger by the day!
Buffy is able to stretch her legs periodically throughout the day when one of our staff gives her free roam of the office.  She eagerly hops around and then hops right back into her kennel to check on the babies.
These little guys (or girls) will be available for adoption in February.  If you or someone you know would like a cute little bunny for a pet, send them our way!  Buffy will also be available for adoption.  She is littered-boxed trained, as sweet as can be - and very quiet!
KHS receives many types of domesticated animals; guinea pigs, mice, birds, iguanas, and lots of rabbits!  We find homes for them all.  That's what it's all about.
On the Eleventh Day of Christmas . . .


Black Bellamy, a two year old domestic medium-hair cat, was brought to KHS by the Silver Valley Cat Wranglers. This poor cat was found caught in a bear trap. Her left front leg was broken with bones exposed.  There was no way of saving it - but we saved her!
Black Bellamy is such a sweet cat and loves everyone. With all the pain she must have been in, she still kept her wonderful disposition.  Always ready for scratch on the head or a kind word, Black Bellamy could not wait for you to come her way.
While recuperating from surgery Black Bellamy fell under the weather.  It took about a month for all to heal.  However, she would play with the feathered cat toys using only her right paw the entire time.
Once she was ready to greet her public, it took only one day for the perfect family to come along and play with her and fall in love with her.  She is now the queen of her own castle. We are so happy she has found a safe, forever home.
On the Twelfth Day of Christmas . . .


On our final day of 12 Days of Christmas we'd like to thank you for enjoying our stories of love and hope.  However, our last story was unexpected as it just happened today and WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP.
This story should never need to be told.  If everyone reading these words tells this story to another and they to another, animal abandonment would not exist in our community.  
Yesterday, Thursday morning, when staff arrived at the shelter at 7:30 a.m., a three-month old kitten was sitting by the front door. Frightened by the site of people, it ran across the snow banks in the parking lot. Fearful it would not survive in the four degree temperature, the staff rushed to find the kitten but to no avail.  Several traps were set with warm food inside and the area was monitored for hours.  For those of you who know where KHS is located, you know it would be impossible for a young kitten to reach us in zero degree weather. He was left by a human.
No matter what the reason for not wanting an animal, abandonment is not the answer. Many days we find animals left outside in the snow, cold, hot sun, or taped closed in a cardboard box.  Please help us spread the word.  Let people know to do the right thing. Find a safe place for your animal until a permanent home can be found.  And call KHS. We can help.
As for little Frosty, as we called him, he had climbed up under the hood of our box truck.  A staff member lifted the cab of the truck and there Frosty was sitting, shaking.  We scooped him up, put him inside our coat, and got him into the shelter.  After a quick check-up, he was fed and kept warm. Purring and very thin, Frosty was still shaking but happy to be alive.  He is spending the weekend with one of our foster volunteers. 
Not all abandoned animals have a happy ending.  Frosty was fortunate.  Please help other animals find a safe haven if they are unwanted.  There is always someone willing to care for every animal.   



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