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COVID-19 and your pets

Kootenai Humane Society understands how overwhelming all the news and reports can be regarding the pandemic and your pets.  We are searching through the information and will bring you reliable, accurate, and official links to what we find.  We are continuing to update this page as new information is found.  If you have additional links with relavent information, please email them to development@kootenaihumanesociety.com and we will share them with our visitors.

Official links

They need you now more than ever


The health and safety of our pets, staff, volunteers, and customers are of the utmost importance and we are closely monitoring the current COVID-19 situation.  This is an uncertain time for all of us, but also the perfect time to turn to our furry friends for the love and affection they so eargerly provide.  Please visit our 'Who's Lovin' It?' page and read the heartwarming stories of our followers and their furry companions.

How you can help

As we continue to care for the animals at the shelter and in foster care, we are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support of our community.  As we do not receive public taxes or funding, we appreciate any contributions you are able to make at this time.  With our services suspended, thrift store closed, and fundraisers cancelled, we don't know exactly what tomorrow will bring, but we remain committed to our staff and to the animals we serve.  You can help these animals in need by making a gift TODAY.

Just click HERE to help the animls.  Thank you furry much!

Current animals in need

Foster Care Animals


Thanks to our dedicated volunteer foster families most of our animals are being well taken care of during this time of need.  KHS takes on the financial responsibility for all of these animals.  Regardless if it's just a bag of litter or major medical attention, we are at-the-ready to make sure our foster families have what they need to keep these little guys healthy - they take care of the happy! 


Current number of animals in foster care:  57

Shelter Animals

Many animals continue to arrive to KHS.  Many need special homes in order to be adopted or fostered.  Our team of trained professionals are caring for their every need, every day, until they find their perfect family.


Current number of animals at the shelter:

 36 cats


12 dogs


Last week, May 3 - 9, 28 animals found their forever homes!


For information and specific requirements for those available for adoption, please click HERE

Visting the Shelter


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