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Dear KHS Hearts of Gold Friend,


Not all animals who come to Kootenai Humane Society (KHS) ar ready to be adopted  Many of them have medical problems that reqire immediate care, medication, and /or surgery.  Thanks to your contributions last year, KHS was able to provide the care for some of these animals.  Many more are in desperate need. Please help save their lives.


Meet Hugo

Poor little Hugo has had a rough go of things since first coming to North Idaho in 2014.  Just when he thought he had finally fournd his forever home, somehow he ended up getting lost and injured and needed to have his back leg repaired ( we think he may have been hit by a car).  Hugo was found on the streets of Coeur d'Alene in pain and very confused.  Hugo waited for days at KHS.  No one came for him.  To see a dog injured is sad, but to not have his owners come looking for him is even worse.  He had 'femoral head ostecomy' surgery (removal of hip joint) in January and was on kennel rest for over a month.  He could not go for walks and was kept close to staff for affection.  Since his surgery, Hugo is getting along great an dis ready for a new loving home.  He is a quirky little man wit personality for miles!  Hugo is desperately looking for a mature home with a chill lap buddy to watch TV with and share quiet nights.  It will be 18 months since he first arrived and he will be with us until that right person comes along that he wants to share his life with.

However, without the support of our Hearts of Gold patrons, the funds would not have been available to save his life and give him the second chance he so deserves.


Because of your investment in the Hearts of Gold Medical Compassion Fund KHS can provide the emergency, life-saving care for animals like Hugo.  Without your support, many of these injured and abused animals would not be alive today.  Please consider contributing to our Hearts of Gold Medical Compassion Fund again this year and help us continue to make every animal that comes through our doors healthy, happy, and ready to be taken home with a loving family.  Here is what your support has done for so many animals.


Meet Tucker

Because of your investment in Hearts of Gold, when Tucker arrived with a broken elbow from a car accident, we were able to relieve him of his pain and give him back his mobility.  Tucker is now in foster care recuperating and having a great time!  He seems so relieved to have the burden gone of a useless leg.


This is Pookie

He is two years old and was found injured on the side of the road.  Pookie had a ruptured abscess on his front leg.  After much medical attention, his foot was able to be saved.  Pookie is now in a loving home and has full use of his leg and foot.

Sweet Pea

She arrived at KHS when she was just a couple months old.  Very sick, not eating, but just as sweet as could be.  After much medical attention and medication, Sweet Pea was diagnosed with FIV (Feline Inmmunodeficiency Virus).  She was given the medical attention she needed in order to survive.  She is now in a loving home with a family who will care for her illness for the rest of her life.

Meet Princess

She was surrendered to KHS because her owner had past away.  Loving and cuddly, Princess started showing signs that something was very wrong.  She had a bladder stone tha kept her from urinating properly.  A surgery was performed only to find a stone the size of a chicken egg.  Within days Princess was walking and playing like any other eight year old Pug.  She has a wonderful new family who could not imagine their household without her.

This is Emmalina

She was found under the hood of a car with a severe laceration on her neck and chin.  Upon arriving at KHS her blood levels indicated that she was diabetic.  After much care, medication, and a correct diet, Emmalina did well!  After six months of healing and waiting for her new family to arrive, she was adopted the day before this writing!  We will miss her and wish all the love she desires in her new home.


Your investment in the Hearts of Gold Medical Fund made life-saving changes for these animals.  Thank you.



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