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Please send us your adoption success stories and pictures.  We love to hear how our "former" pets are doing in their new homes.  Stories and pictures can be emailed to development@kootenaihumanesociety.com.

Adoption Pictures!

Marco, Polo & Tonka thank you for all your hard work & helping them to find their furever home with their humans & fur family member Honey.

Dixie has settled in very nicely. She gets the view of the yard! Thanks again for letting me adopt her!


Parker (formerly Lyle) is making quite the impact on our hearts. Thank you KHS for bringing him from TN to our family. We love this little guy so much! ?

Hazel (formerly Lacey) not only moved into our home, but into our hearts as well. She's such a wonderful dog. Her favorite activity is snuggling. 
Thank you so much KHS, especially Mary, for helping us to complete our family. 

Ali (formerly Alibi) has moved into our home and our hearts! She is a lap cat and we love that. Our 12 year old, Buster (adopted from KHS in 2007), doesn't know what to think of her yet - he wonders why we brought home this little live wire! I'm pretty sure he thinks her name is No!No!

Pictures of Maggie on her first camping 4 wheeler trip. ? She rides pretty good !

Mazzie is now Harlo! It's only been 4 months, but it feels like she's been with us for years! We love her like crazy! Thank you Kootenai Humane Society for bringing her into our lives! ❤️

I adopted Rudy (formerly Auggie) a year and a half ago after he was abandoned by multiple owners and had a run in with a porcupine. He was scared of everyone and everything, especially trucks and men and other dogs. Now he's a brave adventure dog who loves to play at the dog park and explore new mountain trails! Thanks Kootenai Humane Society! Carla Wassmuth Redline

I adopted Prince on Tuesday. His new name is Koda bear! He has worked out wonderfully!!! Because we live in Oregon, we had to drive for 8 hours to get home. That first night he slept in a kennel. Perfect. Not a noise. The next day he was introduced into my doggie daycare and did AWESOME with just a little bit of humping. We went for a walk after work, and he walked perfectly on leash after a few minutes of correction. He is 100% potty trained, great with my 4 year old son and also with the kitties (since we are heavily involved in rescue). Last night he slept loose, and he did great. He gets along perfectly with my two other dogs. I am SO HAPPY with him!! Thank you for all that you do!

Hi, I adopted Gus from you 6 weeks ago on April 21st, and just want to let you know, and to especially let the lady I talked with that day who was walking him to know Gus is doing great. 
Gus is working out wonderfully for me and my situation.  His protective instincts are a big plus.  Very few people come out my way, and I appreciate being warned.  He is quite intimidating when he gets protective! Other than that he is a real sweetie, rolls over for belly rubs and likes to always have you in his sights.  He is well behaved in the house.  I really can't think of any bad traits.  No problem feeding this guy.  He eats everything I feed him, and seems to especially love blueberries.  He knows many commands, sit, stay, down, shake, come. probably a lot more.  It seems this dog must have been well trained at one time. He really really loves his morning walks and can hardly contain himself. My only regret is that he is getting up in years, I am selfish, I would like him to be around for many, many more years, so I am feeding him only the best quality premium organic dog food brands and hope to add as many years to his life as possible.  He is already becoming my heart dog.


From Chester's new parents - "Hi, I am Chester, but I found that I like Winchester better. I now live with two cats, who taught me dogs drool and cats rule! I go to school four days a week, take long walks and play ball; I have found my home. Thanks to KHS for taking care of me until my people found me."

Rocky was an owner surrender to KHS. 

From Rocky's new mom and dad "We got Rocky at the end of July. Lisa drove from Calgary to pick him up and bring him home, a round trip of 14 driving hours. Since Rocky has been home, he has gone on some camping trips, has gone paddle boarding, swimming and goes to work with Lisa regularly. Rocky loves going on car rides. His best friend is Lisa's parents chocolate lab, Cash. Rocky and Cash love to play and rough house with each other. Rocky also likes to go to the off leash park and play with other dogs. He has learned his new name and comes when called off leash. When at home, Rocky likes to chew on his bone and play with his squeaky toys. We are so happy to have adopted Rocky and brought him into the family."  

"I adopted Miss Piewackit in April of this year after seeing her in the featured pets section of our local paper.  Her name was originally Snapdragon, but her and I have agreed that Miss Pi is a better fit.  She is my first kitty since I was a little girl and I am completely delighted with her.  I couldn't have asked for a better match for me as far as a pet goes.  She talks to me constantly, meditates with me, does a little yoga when she's feeling frisky and eats the bugs that manage to make it into our home.  I love her and am so thankful I found her.  Thank you to the Kootenai Humane Society for helping people and pets come together, without you I never would have found little Pi and my life wouldn't be the same without her!"


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