KHS - A No-Kill Shelter

A No-Kill facility means that animals at KHS will never be euthanized for space reasons. KHS will humanely euthanize an animal without delay if it is irremediably suffering. KHS will euthanize an animal if it is a “vicious dog” who exhibits aggression to people even when the dog is not hungry, in pain, or frightened, and whose prognosis for rehabilitation of that aggression is poor or grave as determined by a canine behaviorist. 


KHS implements the 10 steps of a “No Kill” Adoption Center.

  1. Feral Cat TNR (Trap Neuter Release) Program – TNR is active in limited capacity. Please ask for an appointment, and ask about our Barn Cat program.
  2. High–Volume, Low–Cost Spay/Neuter Program – Ask us about our SPOT Program.
  3. Rescue Groups – We work with many rescues and are always looking for more.
  4. Foster Care – We have dedicated foster families and we are actively looking for more, so please let us know.
  5. Comprehensive Adoption Programs – We actively promote adoptions, and our daily hours of operations are convenient for the public.
  6. Pet Retention (CLAWS Program) – Adoption Center helps animals stay in their homes through our help with feeding the animals.
  7. Medical and Behavior Rehabilitation (Hearts of Gold Program) – Behaviorists to help with struggling animals, medical staff helps with treatable animals that have special needs.
  8. Public Relations/Community Involvement – We are actively informing the community of the needs of the animals and presenting facts to inform the public of the Adoption Center’s programs.
  9. Volunteers – The “army of compassion” and the backbone of a successful No-Kill facility.  There are never enough staff or dollars to hire staff to take care of all of the animals. We appreciate and encourage any and all volunteers.
  10. A Compassionate Director – A hard working, compassionate director not content in the myth of “too many animals, not enough homes”.

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